Quality of Life Comparison


If you lived in Oman instead of Tanzania, you would:


live 13.1 years longer

In Tanzania, the average life expectancy is 63 years (61 years for men, 64 years for women). In Oman, that number is 76 years (74 years for men, 78 years for women).

be 3.2 times more likely to be obese

In Tanzania, 8.4% of adults are obese. In Oman, that number is 27.0% of people.


make 14.1 times more money

Tanzania has a GDP per capita of $3,200, while in Oman, the GDP per capita is $45,200.


be 95.7% less likely to die during childbirth

In Tanzania, approximately 398.0 women per 100,000 births die during labor. In Oman, 17.0 women do.

be 19.4% more likely to be literate

In Tanzania, the literacy rate is 77.9%. In Oman, it is 93.0%.

be 67.9% less likely to die during infancy

In Tanzania, approximately 39.9 children die before they reach the age of one. In Oman, on the other hand, 12.8 children do.

have 32.6% less children

In Tanzania, there are approximately 35.6 babies per 1,000 people. In Oman, there are 24.0 babies per 1,000 people.

Basic Needs

be 4.1 times more likely to have access to electricity

In Tanzania, 24% of people have electricity access (71% in urban areas, and 4% in rural areas). In Oman, that number is 98% of people on average (99% in urban areas, and 93% in rural areas).

be 5.4 times more likely to have internet access

In Tanzania, approximately 13.0% of the population has internet access. In Oman, about 69.8% do.

be 68.0% more likely to have access to improved drinking water

In Tanzania, approximately 56% of people have improved drinking water access (77% in urban areas, and 46% in rural areas). In Oman, that number is 93% of people on average (96% in urban areas, and 86% in rural areas).


spend 35.7% less on healthcare

Tanzania spends 5.6% of its total GDP on healthcare. In Oman, that number is 3.6% of GDP.

spend 77.1% more on education

Tanzania spends 3.5% of its total GDP on education. Oman spends 6.2% of total GDP on education.


see 46.9% more coastline

Tanzania has a total of 1,424 km of coastline. In Oman, that number is 2,092 km.

Oman: At a glance

Oman is a sovereign country in Middle East, with a total land area of approximately 309,500 sq km. The inhabitants of the area of Oman have long prospered on Indian Ocean trade. In the late 18th century, a newly established sultanate in Muscat signed the first in a series of friendship treaties with Britain. Over time, Oman's dependence on British political and military advisors increased, but it never became a British colony. In 1970, QABOOS bin Said Al-Said overthrew his father, and he has since ruled as sultan. His extensive modernization program has opened the country to the outside world while preserving the longstanding close ties with the UK. Oman's moderate, independent foreign policy has sought to maintain good relations with all Middle Eastern countries. Inspired by the popular uprisings that swept the Middle East and North Africa beginning in January 2011, some Omanis began staging marches, demonstrations, and sit-ins calling mostly for more jobs and economic benefits and an end to corruption. In response to those protester demands, QABOOS in 2011 pledged to implement economic and political reforms, such as granting legislative and regulatory powers to the Majlis al-Shura and introducing unemployment benefits. Additionally, in August 2012, the Sultan announced a royal directive mandating the speedy implementation of a national job creation plan for thousands of public and private sector jobs. As part of the government's efforts to decentralize authority and allow greater citizen participation in local governance, Oman successfully conducted its first municipal council elections in December 2012. Announced by the Sultan in 2011, the municipal councils will have the power to advise the Royal Court on the needs of local districts across Oman's 11 governorates.

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The statistics on this page were calculated using the following data sources: The World Factbook.


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