About Us

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you were born in a different country? Our goal is to help answer this question. MyLifeElsewhere is a collaborative community that provides interesting data and statistics that you can't find anywhere else. Our aim is to develop a tool to assist others in gathering information regarding the the quality of life, cost of living, and more across the globe.


What is the Mercator projection?

MyLifeElsewhere uses the Mercator projection to display maps, which is the most widespread projection used in cartography. This means that areas may appear distorted, especially near the poles. This distortion is because Mercator is a cylindrical projection that maps the curved surface of the Earth onto a flat surface, resulting in stretching and compression of certain areas. Specifically, it distorts the size and shape of land masses as they get farther from the equator, leading to an exaggeration of land areas near the poles. Learn more about the Mercator projection here.

How does your quality of life comparison work?

MyLifeElsewhere.com works by comparing various statistical data points retrieved from the CIA Factbook, among other public domain data sources. Using this data, we are able to compare countries around the world in a fun and interesting way.

How do you calculate the cost of living?

Have you ever wondered what the cost of living in Moscow is? Are you curious about the cost of transportation in Rio de Janeiro? We were frustrated with current systems that aggregated the cost of living, so we decided to develop our own tool.

With MyLifeElsewhere, our data is modified and updated using contributions from users just like you. This leads to a large subset of data points, greatly increasing accuracy. Using MyLifeElsewhere, you are able to:

  • Learn about the cost of average goods in various locations
  • Access a huge database of prices for free
  • Research statistical differences in prices in different regions
  • And so much more..
We are constantly on the lookout for user-contributed data. If you would like to contribute to the database, please add information for your city or country. Consider contributing prices for your area, to increase the overall accuracy of our comparisons.

Do you offer API access?

Please contact us to learn more.

Have more questions regarding MyLifeElsewhere, or want further details? We welcome your inquiries. Please contact us.

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