Quality of Life Comparison


If you lived in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines instead of Svalbard, you would:


see 97.7% less coastline

Svalbard has a total of 3,587 km of coastline. In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, that number is 84 km.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: At a glance

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a sovereign country in Central America/Caribbean, with a total land area of approximately 389 sq km. Resistance by native Caribs prevented colonization on Saint Vincent until 1719. Disputed between France and the United Kingdom for most of the 18th century, the island was ceded to the latter in 1783. Between 1960 and 1962, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was a separate administrative unit of the Federation of the West Indies. Autonomy was granted in 1969 and independence in 1979.

How big is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines compared to Svalbard? See an in-depth size comparison.

The statistics on this page were calculated using the following data sources: The World Factbook.


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